Optimise Your Mind

This is your life.
You can make massive changes right here and now by simply making a choice and taking action. Now is the time to decide how you want to live. Stop living in the past, putting off your dreams, vision, goals and aspirations for sometime in the future. The time is now, today is the day.


Living with a sense of purpose means feeling connected to the life you are living.

It means feeling alive and enthusiastic about every single day that is gifted to you.

You always have a choice.

Live with intent and always be mindful that you are creating the life you are living with the choices you make and the actions you take each and every single day.

Evaluate Yourself

Being honest with yourself is an important part of making life long changes. Hold yourself accountable in life and don’t play the blame game.

We need to understand that we are where we are in life due to the choices we have made and the action or inaction we have taken.

Here is a list of habits and attributes that I want you to give yourself a rating on.

You are not only going to mark yourself but you are also going to ask one or two other people who know you well and are prepared to give you honest, constructive feedback.

Next to each one put down a number between 0 – 10, with 10 being the highest or best mark. The most important thing to remember with this exercise is that you have complete control over every habit or attribute on this list.

So if you are not happy with anything you now have 6 weeks to make a change.

You are going to do this exercise during the first week and then at the end of the Wolfpack program.


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Personal presentation

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Self management

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Resilience and persistence

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Health & fitness

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Communication skills

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Taking action in life

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Willingness to learn

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Establishing a positive daily routine is the ultimate way to build structure and create success in every area of your life.

“structure provides freedom”

Without having a routine or structure it is so much more draining mentally, physically, and emotionally when you are trying to change your habits.

Once you have set your routine it will help you establish priorities, limit procrastination, keep track of your vision, goals, and even make you healthier.

It lowers your reliance on willpower and motivation.

The planning and preparation around your health, fitness, nutrition and personal development will give you the structure for future success in every area of your life.

In the space below I want you to plan out the perfect week for yourself. This perfect week will include;

– Training

– Time spent with partner / wife / kids

– Sleep routine, going to bed and getting up with a plan in place for the day ahead

– Reading, studying and learning something new daily

– Practicing gratitude

– Work

– Reading over and assessing your vision and goals

– Planning and preparing meals

– Relaxation and down time

– Kids sport

And anything else you want to add to the list.

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Visualise Your Success

I want you to establish a strong, clear future vision that will create the foundation for your success.

People who create structure around a vision are continually growing, both mentally and physically.

During the course of this program we are going to establish your vision and your why.

We will then reverse engineer and set goals or stepping stones that will allow us to take continual daily action towards this vision.

For example, if you tell me you want to be the strongest, fittest and most successful version of yourself possible yet you eat take away food 4 times per week, skip training sessions frequently and watch Netflix for 3 hours per day, then I call bullshit…..

What’s your vision for yourself, your family and your future?

How do you see yourself looking, feeling and performing at life?

Next step is to also think about and write down your why?

The Why has got to be greater than the want.

Why do you want to be the strongest, fittest and happiest version of yourself possible?

If i think about my why it is based around getting the best out of myself and also giving the best of myself to everyone in my life.

The best father, husband, business owner and person I can be.

For your initial task I want you to write down your vision.

Be as clear and as specific as you can.

Your personal vision, your financial vision and your physical / health vision for your future self?

What’s your vision:

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I also want you to think about your WHY. Why are you doing what you are doing and why is this vision so important to you?

Having a strong why for your vision can make it emotionally worthwhile and achievable.

Why is your vision so important to you?

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Bring This Vision to Life

Your goals should be your stepping stones towards your vision.

Be specific and include details of what you need to do and what you plan to achieve.

Our beliefs and habits are formed through the repetition of information. We create our habits by thinking the same thoughts, having the same feelings, and following the same routines every day.

But remember this ”nothing will change and nothing will work unless you do”

That’s why your goals should be based around the actions you need to take to reach your vision.

And if you take these steps daily you will be on your way towards your vision.

What are your goals?

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What actions steps are you going to take to achieve these goals?

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Creating Mental Toughness

I truly believe that when times are good and life is easy we are never going to truly get the best out of ourselves. Now I am not saying don’t enjoy yourself or live your best life but let me ask you this, When was the last time you put yourself in a really tough, challenging situation or did something that made you nervous?

We need to be challenged to grow, learn and achieve our potential.

Doing things you don’t necessarily want to do and that force you to step out of your comfort zone are going to ultimately build a more resilient version of you.

Improve your existence by improving yourself.

Daily Success Checklist

Below is a list of activities you can include into your life that will ultimately improve your mental and physical health and also help you create success. Try to practice or implement one idea per week and then make sure you schedule it into your weekly planner.

Cold Showers and Contrasting

During the Wolfpack program you are going to be encouraged to use cold showers not only for your health but also as a way to build mental toughness and resilience.

Some of the benefits of are:

– Reduced stress levels

– Increased levels of alertness

– Improves your immune system

– Increases your willpower and resilience

Start with 10 seconds under the cold water at the start or the end of your daily shower and slowly build up your time and exposure to the cold.

You are going to use cold showers daily over the next 6 weeks.

Contrasting is also a great way to recover from training and relax the body.

The benefits of heat on the body are just as good as cold exposure. We just have to be smart with the amount of exposure we use.

To contrast correctly you need to turn on your hot water for a set period of time and follow that with a set period of time under cold water. You could start with 10 seconds under the cold water followed by 30 seconds under the hot and repeat this 6 – 10 times. Your goal will be to increase and match the time spent under the cold water with the time spent under the hot water.

If you are lucky to have a seperate bath and shower you can seperate the two and fill the bath up with hot water while you use the shower for your cold exposure.

You are going to use cold showers and the contrasting method daily over the next 6 weeks.


Being grateful is an important part of being mentally healthy and strong.

Think about the people in your life, family, friends and even people that have come and gone who have impacted your life for the better.

Think about experiences you have had, opportunities presented to you in the country you live in.

Here are some ideas you can start with:

  • Being grateful for the opportunities you have in life
  • Being grateful for the people you have in your life
  • Being grateful for the country we live in
  • Being grateful for your health

What are you grateful for?

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Form strong relationships in life, create good memories and experience all that this amazing life has to offer.

In the end you will not remember the fancy watch you bought, the slick car you drove around in or the endless amounts of new clothes you wasted your money on.

You will have the life you lived, your experiences and the memories you created.

That’s priceless.

What relationships are you grateful for in your life?

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What relationships do you need to work on?

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When we speak about awareness I am referring to the fact that you are aware of;

  • What is happening around you as opposed to only thinking about yourself.
  • Aware that you can make choices daily that truly reflect the course of your day, week, months and years.
  • Aware that in life we need to be of service and give to truly get back.
  • Aware that if you really want something in life you need to work for it
  • Aware that we need to accept responsibility for our actions and where life is taking us
  • Aware that if you want to make a difference right here and right now it all starts with you.
  • Aware that yes you may not be where you want to be at this point in your life but don’t let that stop you from giving 100% effort to the task at hand.

How can you become more aware in life?

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Successful Men Focus on the Following


Confidence breeds success. You should always be confident in your own ability but being confident in your ability also means being aware of what you can’t do and what you need to work on in life.
A warrior is sure of oneself, having no uncertainty about one’s own abilities or success. Start with the end in mind. You will win. It’s not a question.


You need to be moving, doing, or functioning at all times. Ideas and theories are great, but action is what gets things done. Create a plan of action for what you want to do in life and once you’ve got a plan, execute.


When most people think about being aggressive, they think about a pit bull with a bad owner. That aspect can and should be used in combat, but I’m talking about being forceful, bold, and energetic.


You’ve got a plan, you’re confident you can do it, now you need to have the discipline to stick to your plan. Getting up every morning at 0400 so you can hit the gym before work sucks! Being fat and out of shape sucks worse! Not hitting the snooze button takes discipline.


Being adaptable means we need to be able to adjust quickly to different conditions. Being adaptable is what allows a species to survive evolution. Things are not always going to go the way you want in life but you can always control the way you react and adapt to what happens.


Start establishing routines and habits in everything you do. We are what we repeatedly do. What this truly means is that your daily habits, routines and what you do should be dictated by your vision. Your vision of how you want to look, feel and perform.


You can either grow from tough, challenging times in life or you can let them bring you down.
To build resilience you need to be put under some type of stress or pressure, embrace it and grow from it.

You can seek out ways to challenge yourself and build resilience in life. Step out of your comfort zone with your training, learning a new skill, chasing your goals and living life with an attitude of ”things happen for you, not to you”.


Without optimal sleep you will never perform at your best.

Numerous studies have proven that sleep is one of the most important factors for good health and recovery.

Some people need less and some need more than others but generally speaking most people will need somewhere between 6 – 8 hours per night.

One study that I always refer to that was completed by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and was based around 11 collegiate basketball players.

”Following multiple weeks of sleep extension, elite athletes demonstrated improvements in specific indicators of basketball athletic performance including higher shooting percentages and faster sprint times,” said lead author Cheri D. Mah, MS, researcher at the Stanford Sleep Disorders Clinic and Research Laboratory in Stanford, Calif. “Subjects also demonstrated faster reaction time, decreased levels of daytime sleepiness, and mood improvements.”

I know how challenging getting the optimal amount of sleep can be for a lot of people. If you have a demanding job, kids, stress and just not being able to sleep as well as you need, can all play a role.

Like most things in life you can work on and create better habits around getting a good night’s sleep.

Tips for Improving Your Sleep

  1. Turn off all electronic devices 1 – 2 hours before bed. This is a tough one for most of us but it is a fact that scrolling your phone and the blue lights that are omitted will keep you awake.
  2. Do not eat too late or too close to when you are going to sleep. You may get tired after some meals but you will not feel as fresh or sleep as well as you would if you either eat earlier in the evening or make your last meal of the evening a smaller one.
  3. Try to avoid caffeine or alcohol prior to bed if possible.
  4. Make the room as dark as possible. Any light can and will disturb your sleep, you have more than likely been doing this for a long time and just not noticed.
  5. Create a routine that relaxes you. Reading, meditating, stretching or talking to your partner are all great ways to relax and wind down as you are getting ready for bed.
  6. Warm shower before bed. This is a personal little routine that I like to use. I find I am completely relaxed and ready to wind down if I have my last shower before bed.

10 Rules for Life

  1. Challenge yourself constantly, especially with things that make you nervous or scared.
  2. Focus on and develop only positive self talk.
  3. Practice and focus on looking after yourself, healthy eating, exercise and quality sleep.
  4. Don’t feel sorry for yourself or worry about past results in life. Each day is a new page and chapter in your book of life and a chance for you to do better.
  5. Avoid negative people and make it a priority to surround yourself with positive people.
  6. Always treat other people with respect.
  7. Make sure your highest markers in life are aimed at yourself and not other people.
  8. Everyone has an opinion, it does not mean they are correct but they are entitled to it.
  9. Aim to give more than you get in life and do not expect anything in return.
  10. Be kind, generous and grateful in life but be careful of people that mistake your kindness for a weakness.