Transformation Packages

Blitz your way to a new you!

Transformation PackageOur Transformation Packages are high intensity programs that are guaranteed to get you major results.

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With over 200 of our members having had great success with these programs and 20 years of development gone into creating two of the most successful results based packages on the market this is our most popular training package.

The Transformation packages includes:

  • The initial health, fitness and success consultation
  • Three personal training sessions per week
  • A plan and realistic eating advice
  • A customised personal training program which is periodised over the entire challenge
  • Unlimited access to the Edge Performance training studio over the entire transformation period
  • Access to our online membership program that includes a complete healthy eating plan with recipes, a shopping guide and plenty of videos and pictures to educate you on your journey.

By far the best training program I have ever undertaken. Over the initial eight weeks I lost around 10kg, and then I lost the final 5kg in the weeks after that. Not long after that I had a heart attack while I was out bike riding (through no fault of my trainers) My Doctor told me that I should buy a lottery ticket because the only thing that saved me was my weight loss and improved health the 16 weeks prior to that event. I was basically a heart attack waiting to happen… The Transformation Package was the best investment I have ever made. – SP

If you would like to start looking and feeling better about your health and fitness, sign up to the Transformation Package today!

Personal Training

We strongly believe in the value of personal training Our professional yet friendly trainers will motivate and push you to be your best.

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Group Fitness Class

PE Fitness offers a range of classes for those who like to sweat it out in a group. These classes are fun and challenging.

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