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Why All Seniors Should make health and fitness a part of their life.

Being fit and healthy at any age is important regardless how young or old one may be. The best approach to ensure one remains young at heart is to incorporate regular physical activity into our daily lives.

Sydney Senior Fitness Specialist

As we age, the importance of an active lifestyle becomes increasingly beneficial. It also holds numerous benefits such as improving your overall feeling of health and happiness. More importantly, exercises is important for staying energetic, strong, and healthy as we age.

Needless to say that our ability declines as we age and it is important to be realistic about your goals and results. More importantly, the exercises you did or did not do 30 years ago will not be appropriate for our bodies today.

Regardless of our current age or the physical conditions one might suffer from, there is some form of exercise for us all.

Personal training or semi-private training sessions are an excellent way to achieve increased activity, movement and longevity.

What Are Senior Fitness Classes?

Senior fitness classes are specifically designed for people over 50. They are conducted in the exact same way as any other personal training session may be. You will enjoy a program that is age appropriate while reaping the benefits of investing in your health and fitness.

What Exercises Are Good For Senior Fitness Classes?

Aerobic activity
Typically you can expect a program designed particularly for seniors such as water aerobics. Water aerobics is a great choice because there is very little or no stress on the joints while you can enjoy a good workout.

Normal aerobic-based exercise with low impact activity is an equally good choice.

Strength training
Strength training should form a major part of any training program and even more sore as we age.

Maintaining muscle mass and bone density is one of the major benefits or strength training and it is exactly what we need as we get older. The secret is to make sure you focus on what is safe and effective for your goals and needs.

Thai Chi
Thai Chi is also a good choice especially for the more senior members amongst the seniors. With Thai Chi you will maintain your range of motion, movement skills plus balance and there is a very little impact that decreases the risk of injury significantly. It helps a great deal with blood circulation and psychological wellness as well.

Yoga is another positive choice. Yoga has almost no impact on the joints but will help to build your muscle strength and improve your flexibility.

What Can I Expect At My First Senior Fitness Class in Sydney?

A doctor’s referral is always recommended before beginning any form of structured exercise.

At Edge Performance you can expect to receive a service unlike any other, starting with your very own personal online profile that you can access anytime you like. This profile contains a ton of practical information regarding health, fitness, nutrition plus all your initial health consultation results.

Sydney Senior Fitness Classes

What do I need for Senior Fitness Classes?

All you need is a good healthy attitude and enthusiasm. You do not need any equipment as all the equipment you require is available at Edge Performance. It is important to dress comfortable and have a pair of soft comfortable shoes.

Benefits of Senior Fitness Classes

There are ample benefits associated with senior fitness classes. There are thousands of studies that show that if you exercise regularly we remain healthier, feel better in general about ourselves, and live longer. Exercise is also a great stress reliever.

As we age our muscles and bones. loses density. From as young as 30, our muscle mass starts to decline, especially if we do not exercise regularly. Over time our bones become more brittle and our muscles become weaker. With regular exercises, we can help to maintain our bone density and strength, remain fit, healthy, and put to rest an extensive list of preventable illnesses.

Your senior fitness classes are held at our fitness center in Sydney. Edge Performance is located at STUDIO 63 & 64, 20 – 28 Maddox Street Alexandria NSW 2015. Contact us today to discuss and book your senior fitness class!

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