One-On-One Personal Trainer

Knowing Why One on One Personal Training Make You 30% More Successful

People who are serious about their fitness training have a 30% higher success rate on achieving their fitness goals when they are working with a personal trainer. Unbelievably the fact that there is direct supervision during one on one personal training sessions also has a tremendous effect on the result of training.

1 on 1 Personal Training Session in Sydney NSW 2000

A personal trainer could be your biggest influence and the ideal person to work with when you have a specific goal to reach. They are committed health and fitness professionals that will provide you with exciting effective workouts, provide constructive health and fitness support, prevent injuries, and see to it that you reach your goals.

Is One On One Personal Training Right For You?

Personal training is not for everyone. In fact, it will take way more than writing a check and pitch at your training sessions to obtain a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Personal one on one training is a specialised fitness training method and can be expensive if it is used only for the prestige label that is connected with it.

It is the ideal training environment for people who want to train individually and enjoy the total focus and attention of their trainer.

Benefits of One on One Personal Training

  • Motivates you to build your self confidence to exercise.
  • Provide diversity to workouts.
  • Ensure you exercise to the maximum of your potential and ability.
  • Ensure you use correct techniques to prevent and reduce injury risk.
  • Enhance all aspects of physical health and fitness namely endurance, flexibility, and strength.

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Choose the Right Personal Trainer in Sydney

It is extremely important to make totally sure that the personal trainer you choose is a skilled and properly certified personal trainer.

When you decide to make use of a personal trainer, you should consider a few aspects. Good personal trainers strive to get maximum results with their clients and make certain that clients reach both their short and long term goals.

With this said, you will have to make sure that you and your personal trainer get along. Personalities differ and the one approach that will work for one individual may discourage the next one totally. Therefore you need to find a personal trainer that will deal with you in a way that you are happy with. Your personal trainer need to be able to respect the way you learn and certainly must be client focused.

Support is equally important. Not only during sessions but outside sessions as well. There are many professional highly skilled qualified professional trainers that provide assistance and motivation by means of email, text, or a call when you need it.

Before you just sign up with a personal trainer, enquire about introduction training sessions to establish if you will get along and if it is the right trainer for you to train with. No need having a 12 month contract that you have to pay and you hate the person who you have to work with.

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How Does One on One Fitness Trainers Work

During your first session a qualified fitness trainer will first do a proper evaluation on what your goals are, conduct a thorough health and fitness assessment, and according to the information obtained from this evaluation and assessment set up a program that will make it possible for you to reach your goals.

In the course of each session, you should receive expert guidance and instructions on how you can produce the results for a healthy lifestyle you desire. With regular intervals of 8 to 12 weeks your personal trainer will conduct evaluations to ensure you are on the right track and that you progression is satisfactory.

You will receive honest, reliable, constructive, and useful feedback from your personal trainer to make sure you are continuously challenged and repeat the positive results you accomplish. It is vital that your personal trainer is committed to provide you with constant challenging, fun, and informative exercise sessions. These sessions should be in accordance to your fitness capacity and should comprise of exercises that you enjoy and keep you motivated.

Best personal training service you can expect from Edge Performance.

  1. Your personal trainer should be confident, friendly, and fun to work with.
  2. Display dedication to you as a person and the fitness goals you have.
  3. Should make sure you are comfortable during your training sessions and you enjoy them.
  4. Provide you with homework by the means of extra tasks you must do in your own time to assist you to establish and keep up a healthier lifestyle in your own surroundings.
  5. Be able to provide a dietary analysis on request and provide feedback and suggestions to improve it.
  6. Provide frequent fitness assessments with meticulous feedback.
  7. Provide constant motivation and encouragement personalised strategies to empower you during training sessions as well as in everyday life.
  8. Be able to provide a back up trainer is your personal trainer is unavailable or you wish to change trainers.

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