Monthly Online Performance Plan

Edge Performance Monthly Performance programs are the perfect option for a “Do It Yourself” personalized plan of action.

Online Membership Platform

Edge Performance has an online membership platform that you will have access too.

This platform provides you with the following benefits:

  • Initial body composition testing plus results
  • Before and after photo options
  • Vision board and goal setting options
  • Education based options that provide you with information on:- Optimizing your mind
    – Nutrition
    – Exercise and movement
  • Online platform that will display the following:- All your personalised workouts
    – Sets
    – Reps
    – Rest periods
    – Tempo

Here is what some of our other members have to say about the Edge Performance online performance plan.

“I have just completed my initial 4 week online program and could not be happier.”

“I hit a PB on my squats.”

“I lost 4kg and it was all body fat percentage.”

“I lost about 20cm over my entire body in measurements.”

“This was hands down the best investment I have made in my training to date and it is perfect for me as I don’t need a trainer as such but I do need guidance, direction and accountability.”

“I follow the 4 week online training program through Edge Performance and it is spot on for me.”

“I have had great progress with not only my results but also my performance in the gym.”

“The Direction that Josh has given me is second to none and know that I could not have done this on my own.”

“I have everything I need to get results and stay on track plus I have access to Josh via email and SMS whenever I need, if I get stuck or am unsure of anything.”

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Maintain the gains.

Its all said and done and you have finished your initial block of training, that’s it!!

No its just the beginning.

You have built a strong base and laid the platform for your future health.

Remember the three pillars that we mentioned?

These are areas that you can build structure and accountability around for the rest of your life.

Our maintenance programs are in place to help keep our members on track long term.

We will sit down with you individually and help come up with a plan of action that is manageable for you long term.

Book in for your Free Kick Start Session today and let Edge Performance help you get your health on track.

Josh Annesley Personal Trainer Sydney
Yours in health and performance.
Josh Annesley and the team at Edge Performance