Small group coaching

Small group coaching

Edge Performance offers a range of small group coaching sessions for those who like to sweat it out in a small group. See also Sport Specific Training Sydney.

These classes are fun, challenging, and designed to push you – because there’s nothing like a little healthy competition!

Our small group sessions are semiprivate so the trainer has the ability to work with our members on a personal coaching level.

With only six people per class, you get all the benefits of the one on one sessions.

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Our pure strength sessions are structured strength and conditioning based workouts. So you will be completing a varied and progressive based strength based training program that will ensure you are training with a smart measurable target in mind. We will teach you the importance of technique, feeling your muscles working and knowing what you are working, time under tension and how to constantly feel strong in the gym.


“Preparing you for the unknown” This is a workout to rival any workout ever designed. We have designed this workout with one goal in mind to provide “Total Conditioning”. You will get stronger, fitter, faster, increase muscular endurance and also learn how to fight and defend yourself at the same time! Interested? Then come along and experience the future of your fitness today.


This is a Boxing based fitness session which is suitable for the beginner to the advanced participant. It is a non-contact based session where you complete boxing timed workouts mixed in with a variety of heart-pumping cardio moves.

We add a certain level of authenticity to our boxing workouts and like to teach our members the beauty of the sweet science as opposed to just bashing the pads.


Short, sharp and straight to the point.

Our HIIT class is our number one bang for your buck 40-minute training session. Expect a solid movement based warm-up followed by an intense interval based workout. Sessions will be varied and progressive.


Pilates focuses on the core postural muscles which help keep the body balanced and are essential for providing support to the spine.

“The Pilates Principles” to conditioning the entire body, are: proper alignment, centering, concentration, control, precision, breathing, and flowing movement.

The central aim of Pilates is to create a fusion of mind and body so that without even engaging the mind, the body will move with economy, grace, and balance.

“After 10 sessions you will feel better. After 20 sessions you will look better. After 30 sessions you will have a completely new body.” Joseph H. Pilates.



This is a class unlike any other.

This is a 40-minute class that starts with a 20-minute high-intensity boxing/MMA based workout followed by a 30 minute Yoga class.

The Boxing/MMA  workout is a high-intensity interval workout, you’re lucky if you get a rest….. but you are lead straight into a guided Hatha flow Yoga class where you will go over alignment, modifications and learn to connect with your breath to deepen your movement.

Personal Training

We strongly believe in the value of personal training Our professional yet friendly trainers will motivate and push you to be your best.

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Group Fitness Class

PE Fitness offers a range of classes for those who like to sweat it out in a group. These classes are fun and challenging.

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