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Corporate Fitness – The New Key Investment For Your Company

When you look at a successful business, you will quickly realise that there are a loyal and hardworking set of employees behind it. Of late it became more evident that the well-being of employees has a huge impact on the success of a business. Therefore, more and more businesses are making a new key investment for their companies – Corporate health and fitness programs. The goal is to increase the health and quality of life of all employees.

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Edge Performance corporate health solutions will work with the company to revise or develop a new health and wellness program that will include a strategic plan of action that will give each employee an opportunity to excel in life and the workplace.

Advantages of Having A Corporate Wellness Program

Having a team of happy productive and resourceful employees is of great benefit to any company. Regretfully it does not always happen by itself and in some instances the lack of such a program causes some serious disadvantages for a company especially in the HR department. Here are a couple of advantages of having a corporate fitness program in place.

1. Productivity, Resourcefulness, and Self Esteem
According to a study performed in 2005 it was found that healthy employees are three times more productive that employees suffering from poor health. Even though measuring creativity and productivity amongst employees is difficult, it is undisputed that a high morale has a huge impact on the productivity and success of any business.

2. Reduce Employer Absenteeism from Illness and Injuries
Absenteeism due to illness or injuries is a billion dollar expenditure for companies annually. Healthier employees are unlikely or at least spend less days absent from work as a result of illness or injuries. It is easy to calculate the cost of replacement staff, however the hidden cost of replacement staff is habitually unnoticed. Unexpected absent employees cause hold-ups in assignments, and amplifies stress for fellow employees that must deal with the additional responsibilities. Adding the ineffectiveness of the short-term replacement staff and soon you will notice a decline in production and evidently a decline in profits and success as well.

3. Decline in Staff Turnover
Any successful business or company will tell you that staff turnover is an expensive aspect. Employees that feel valued and appreciated are less likely to seek other employment. Corporate fitness programs are an excellent way of demonstrating to employees that management care about their health and wellbeing.

Apart from the cost that is associated with a high staff turnover, the cost of time spent to seek for replacement staff, the cost of induction training, and the loss of intellectual property makes the investment in corporate health and fitness a much more lucrative option.

4. Enhanced Corporate Image
Companies and businesses that incorporate health and fitness programs send a clear message to their employees that they care about their employee’s wellbeing. This alone will set them apart from their competitors. A healthy and solid corporate image will help to escalate staff retention. This will greatly improve the willingness and attraction to work for the company.

While obesity is an increasing problem worldwide, companies that provide their employees with fitness and health programs will not go unnoticed by customers who are equally more health conscious.

5. Decline in Workplace Injuries and Cost
A healthy employee has a lower risk of injury or illness which evidently will result in lower expenditures for the employer. Fitness and exercise classes that are presented in groups are an excellent method to establish and maintain a healthy workplace.

6. Increase Recruitment Potential
We are all aware that companies can not rely on paying good salaries alone to attract skilled and proficient employees anymore. Additional employment benefits such as a health and fitness program is a huge value added aspect in an increasing health conscious society.

Moreover, a salary increase of $1000 per year calculates to $19.23 a week. Certainly not lucrative to high income earners. However if you invest the $1000 into a health and fitness program for employees, the significance of the investment will be much more impressive to the employees that benefit from it. It will also be advantageous to the physical as well as mental wellbeing of employees throughout the year. This will strengthen and support the corporate image for employees and be a worthwhile prospect for future employees to look forward to.

7. Positive Returns on Corporate Fitness Investment
Currently reviews on corporate health and fitness programs established that the return on investment and benefit to cost proportion varies between $1.50 to $4.90 per dollar spent on such programs.

How Does Such A Program Work?

Corporate fitness programs are tailored to suit and adapt to the operations, requirements, and budget of a company. No program is set in stone and is totally flexible to address the exact needs of employees and company in general. The objective is to provide your company and your employees with a program that will improve the workplace and the wellbeing of the employees in an efficient and affordable way.

Typically our corporate members all have access to our online coaching program that provides them with their individual profile that includes:

Body composition and success session results
Vision and goal setting programs
Nutrition and health programs
Training programs

The Edge Performance corporate wellness plan is one of a kind and is totally focused on delivering outstanding results to all our members.

Our fitness center in Sydney is located at STUDIO 63 & 64, 20 – 28 Maddox Street Alexandria NSW 2015. Contact us today to discuss and create a plan for your corporate fitness programs.

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