Health, Motivation, Training Tip

Make the most of the opportunities we have been provided. We live in the best country in the world (only my opinion) so make the most if it. Make sure you look at each day as an opportunity to be the best you can be, hold yourself to a higher standard and take those little steps towards the ultimate vision of you.

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Making the switch to chamomile tea

Whether your meeting friends or its a business meeting for a quick coffee. Studies show swapping your usual latte for a soothing cup of chamomile increases antibacterial activity within your body, helping to boost immunity and fight off infections associated with colds. If your not a fan of the taste, inhaling steam infused with chamomile extract can be just as

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Edge Member Recognition

Meet our member JP (John Hopwood) JP (John Hopwood) has never been properly introduced into a gym and has fallen in and out of routine for the short time he’s tried. Coming off an AFL background he’s always loved sport and getting active. Joining the family at Edge he has charged through in all ways health & fitness and hasn’t

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