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The Evolution of Edge Performance

My name is Josh Annesely and I am the owner of Edge Performance.

The evolution of Edge Performance started when I was 16 years of age.

You see I have not always been a healthy human I was once a young silly kid hanging out with other young silly kids getting into a lot of trouble, drinking a lot of alcohol and taking drugs at a very young age.

I was a mess in every way. My family life was horrible, my social life was about trying to be something and someone that I wasn’t. I had been expelled from one school and was not going any better at the other plus I was headed for the vicious cycle of crime, drugs and more than likely jail.

My parents constant support and effort to guide me in the right direction was amazing, but it needed to be as I was determined to destroy myself.

Finally after repeated efforts my dads very close mate and a man who would turn out to be a major influence in my life apart from my parents, Frank Keane got me down to the Newtown police boys club for some good old boxing training!

Frank took me to the gym and then asked if I wanted to spar? Yeah, I will have a go thinking I was tough.

Ok put your mouthguard in, yep.

Put your headgear on, what? Your headgear! I don’t have one I replied…

Frank said, that’s ok mate you’re a fighter you will be right, knowing that I thought I was tough and had also been putting my parents through hell for the last three or so years.

So, I completed the session, 4 x 3-minute rounds with this other kid and I did ok!

But it ignited a passion within me that made me want to do something with myself and my life.

So, I dedicated myself to getting fit and, in the process, I learnt how to box and had a bunch of armature fights. Most importantly I learnt respect for myself, other people, my family and life.

At that time Newtown Police boys Boxing club was run by John Lewis, Australia’s most successful boxing trainer.

It was also home to some of the best boxers in the world. I was lucky enough to spar and train with Justin Rowsell, Nadal (Skinny) Hussein, Hector Lopez and even got to spar 3 rounds with Kostya Tszyu, the highlight of my career.

I created some great memories at that gym and still train with some of the fighters from that gym today.

This process changed the course of my life. I was rewarded for my hard work by being nominated for and voted in as school captain. This was at a school I had only been attending for two and half years and trust me it had nothing to do with my academic skills!

This also led me on the path back to Rugby League, I was a very average player but when I got the idea in my head that I wanted to play grade I became obsessed with it.

I would head down to Mascot oval and pass a football at the goal post then chase it and repeat the action for hours on end because I could not pass both ways and to become a good dummy half you had to learn how to pass both ways.

My result was playing some reserve grade with Souths, Newtown Jets and finishing up with a season of pro football in France.

The most important part to me was a worked my arse off and I felt that I overachieved.

I got back into fighting after I finished playing rugby league and competed in Jiu Jitsu and wrestling competitions. I got a pro boxing fight under my belt and scored a 4 second knock out in my first MMA fight (apparently the fastest in Australian MMA history).

My story is by no means better than anyone else’s but it is the path I took to get to this point in my life.

If people ask I tell them that all I have ever wanted to do in life was Box, play rugby league or become a personal trainer.

I am truly blessed that I have been able to experience all three.

Edge Performance is the result of a lifetime of dedication and commitment which I believe you can gain by making health and fitness a part of your life.

This is my life and you will not get this at any other gym in Sydney.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story and I hope we can help you on your journey.

Josh Annesley and the team at Edge Performance & Health.

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