Edge Performance Fitness Training Program

1. Motivation and getting shit done

Why we should stop comparing ourselves to others.

If you compare yourself to others then you are going to miss achieving your own potential.

Think about this in any area of your life and it will make sense.

We will always have mentors, heroes and people we admire but use these people and external objects as motivation or stepping stone towards the best version of you possible.

2. Nutrition – Apple cider vinegar

If you are looking for a simple healthy product that you can take daily then look no further than Apple cider vinegar.

It has been used for different health benefits and cleaning purposes but if you speak to any naturopath, nutritionist or heath expert they will tell you if are not taking it then start.

Vinegar has been show to have benefits on Insulin function and blood sugar levels.

So basically if you consume some Apple cider vinegar before you eat your insulin response will improve and you will utilise and absorb the food for energy and repair rather than increasing your blood sugar levels which could contribute towards diabetes in the long run.

Do a little more research on how you can use Apple cider vinegar daily to improve your health.

3. Training tip – fat loss secrets

Ok here we go I am going to shock you all and reveal these highly scientific points that will strip fat and turn you into a lean mean fighting machine!

1. Energy in and energy out – you are what you eat. So if you are trying to decrease your body fat levels then you need check your KJ consumption. You may need to either increase or decrease the amount of food you are eating.

Everyone is different.

2. Burning energy – You need to burn energy to burn fat. So you can either start increasing your energy expenditure on a daily basis or if you are already training then look at your weekly plan and tweak it a little by including more strength training and a mixture of energy system based workouts.

Not really scientific I know but these are the main points you need to focus on.

Now individually people may have other health issues that may make this process a little more complicated but if not then take care of these two areas and you will be well on your way to getting some great results.

4. Recovery tip – Maximising your ability to breath

Do you breath or do you BREATH!!!

Slow your breathing down and really take notice of how it makes you feel, do you take shallow or deep breaths, do you breath in through your nose and out through your mouth?

Here are a couple of little activities you can try:

> When you get some alone time find a comfortable place to lay down and relax

– Close your eyes

– breath in deep through your nose, really deep into your belly and hold it for a count of 1,2,3 before breathing out through your mouth

– repeat this breathing pattern for a minute at a time, progressing as you get more experienced and comfortable

– try to switch off completely when doing this, so no phones, T.V, kids, husbands, partners or wives. Just you and your breathing.


> When you are having a workout and your feeling absolutely stuffed, you feel like you have not got any more to give yet your trainer asks your for another interval on the rower!!

– Take a really deep breath in through your mouth, and tell him to piss off!!! hahah. Only joking.

– hold it deep in your belly

– then breath out through your mouth

– when you breath out aim to relax your whole body which will make each breath that follows a little easier to do

– repeat this for 5 – 10 deep breaths and watch how much your recovery will improve.

Keep these tips in mind and give them a try when you get the chance.

5. Weekend workout

Warm up

Light jog for 200m

10 star jumps

10 quarter squats

5 push ups

x 3 sets

You are going to do 3 exercises back to back in the following format.




– make a choice from an exercise in each category

– put them together one after another resting 20 seconds between each exercise

– rest 1.30 at the end of the three exercises

– do as many sets as you can in 20 – 30 minutes, depending on how you are feeling

– remember your breathing drills

Here is your pick

Strength options

Squats x 12

Push ups x 8 – 20

Walking lunges x 20

Chin ups or body pull x 6 – 12

Step ups x 12

KB swing x 15 if you have access

Energy system options

Run 200m – 70 – 90% effort

Run up a big hill

Skipping x 100 rotations

Burpees x 10

Run 100m – 70 – 90% effort

Core options

Front plank 40 seconds

side planks 20 seconds

hanging leg raise x 5 – 10

Lace touch x 10

mountain climbers x 20

Finish with a light walk and a full body stretch.

Takeaway points

1. Only compete against yourself in life

2. Apple cider vinegar for improved health. Please do your own research on the benefits first and then decide if you would like to give it a try.

3.Fat loss secrets! they ain’t that secret..

4. Control your breathing, don’t let it control you

5. This workout is a killer and will target your strength, fitness and core.

Have a great weekend and take care.

Yours in health and performance


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