1. Motivation and getting shit done


Make the most of the opportunities we have been provided.


We live in the best country in the world (only my opinion) so make the most if it. Make sure you look at each day as an opportunity to be the best you can be, hold yourself to a higher standard and take those little steps towards the ultimate vision of you.



  1. Nutrition – Should you have a cheat meal/day each week?


I think this is the best way to plan and maintain a balanced eating plan on a consistent basis.

You should be sensible with how you plan it but generally speaking it could work like this:


> Beginner with big goals to achieve and a lot of work to be done. You should really only allow yourself one cheat meal per week while you are on track and working towards your goals.


> Someone who has lost a lot of weight, achieved their goals and trying to maintain their results. I think you can comfortably plan in two cheat meals per week and still maintain great results.


One of my main reasons I like to work with this plan in mind is it allows me room to plan and make a choice.



  1. Training tip – How to measure a good training session?


As we have evolved as trainers over the years we would also like to think the way we train our members has improved along with it.

With this in mind the old school method of just flogging people for the sake of it has definitely gone out the window at Edge Performance!!

Each one of you has a plan in place that we have put together to help you achieve your best levels of strength, fitness, mobility, skill and health.

We aim to introduce you to a stress (exercise) allow you the chance to adapt to it and then switch it up. We want to challenge you all the best way we possibly can but our main aim is to leave you in a better positon with your health then when you started with us.



  1. Recovery tip




Mixing up cold and hot water when you are having your shower. This is referred to as contrasting and most likely something much more scientific than this but hot and cold is easy to remember 🙂

Give it a go as the weather is getting warmer and after a workout is a great place to start.

Try 30sec – 1min with the water cold, breath your way through this and try to relax as much as possible. Then turn the temp up and leave the water on warm for 1min.


> Try this for 6 – 8 sets

> start with a hot shower and finish with one


Some of the benefits you may notice and or you might be able to achieve from this will be:

> increase energy levels 

> improved immune function

> recovery from your workout plus general muscle soreness

> boosting your central nervous system response, increased awareness and awake.



  1. Weekend workout


Warm up


light jog for 2 minutes

General whole body stretch

10 start jumps

10 body weight squats


Set one

Run 200m

Estimate how long it took you and rest for that amount of time then:

Run 100m

Rest for 2 minutes

Repeat this 3 times


Set two

Run 50m

10 squats

Run 50m

10 push ups

Rest 1.30

Repeat 3 x




Front plank x 30 sec

Mountain climbers x 20

V – ups x 10

x 2 sets




Breakdown of your hot health tips


  1. Make the most of today
  2. Plan your free meals into your weekly eating plan for long term success
  3. Sometimes it is better to undercook than overcook (unless your eating chicken)
  4. Hot and cold showers
  5. Weekend workout is based on speed endurance with a little Metcon finisher.

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