5 Hot health tips

1. New years resolutions don’t last!!

I’m not saying we don’t have good intentions but when it comes down to it why should January the 1st be any different to February the 1st or any other day/month of the year?
If you want some help answer these next two questions and send them back to me;
What is your ideal vision of yourself?
What goals or stepping stones can you set to constantly progress towards that vision?

2. Could you be better than you were last year?

I think we would all love to be better than we were last year. Better husbands, wives, parents, partner, friends and people in general.
Better at being the best version of you possible!!
What could you do better in 2017?

3. Affirmations are for amateurs

I love an affirmation and motivational quote more than anyone else I know but when it comes down to it consistency will trump fleeting motivation any day of the week.
Head down, bum up and work hard at what you do.
Even if it is not what you really want to be doing, aim to be the best you can be day in and day out and you will carry those standards with you throughout life.

4. Gut health

One tip I could give you regarding nutrition after the Chrissy break is to work on getting your gut health on track.
I know I have spoke about this in emails during the year but now is the perfect time to start working on it.
Lot’s of alcohol has been consumed, plenty of unhealthy food and most likely to bigger portions.
Remember from the info during the year:
Probiotics – good bacteria
Prebiotics – food and fluid that helps feed the good gut bacteria
Let me know if you need more help or information.

5. Weekend workout

Let’s get in the pool or the beach this weekend.
Longer distance swim to start with – aim for about 500m
Intervals – 20 seconds of freestyle swimming at a fast and hard pace followed by a 40 seconds rest.
x 4 sets
500m steady pace swim
Intervals – same as before x 4
Finish with a light swim to cool down and your done.

This weeks tips

1. Constant progression towards your vision

2. Bigger, better 2017

3. Head down, bum up

4. Good time to work on that gut health

5. Get in the water and cool down this weekend.

Have a great weekend  and see you all soon.
Yours in health and performance


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