5 Hot health tips

1. Nutrition

We have come up with a great guide that should help you plan your meals a little better.
Its our food combination guide and it works like this:

V = Vegetables
P = Protein
C = Carbohydrates
EF = Essential Fat

Now all you need to do is plan your three main meals each day around the following combination.

Meal 1 or Breakfast = 1 serve of each of the following C + P

Meal 2 or Lunch = 1 serve of each of the following V + C + P

Meal 3 or Dinner = 1 serve of each of the following V + C + P + EF

Jump online and check your personal profile out for all your meal options.

2. Health

Your body only needs so much exercise to reap the rewards that training has to offer.

You will improve your health from 2 days per week, you will notice a big improvement in your fitness from 3 days and once you start hitting 3 – 6 days per week plus some changes to your eating plan you will get all of the above plus some big improvements to your body composition.

You just need to decide what Healthy is to you then go out and get it.

3. Training

Training is specific…… What does this mean?

Your body will respond to the stress you place upon it.

So if you want to be a better swimmer, then you need to swim.

If you want to be a better runner, then you need to run.

If you want to get stronger in the gym then you need to start lifting weights.

Your body is highly trainable and it will adapt to the stresses you place upon it (exercise) it just needs to be suitable for you.

Don’t limit yourself and your ability by focusing on one particular type of training over another. You have 7 days of the week with plenty of time to move, it does not always have to be in the gym.

4. Responsibility

Success on any major scale
requires you to accept responsibility….
In the final analysis,
the one quality that all successful people have…
is the ability to take on responsibility.

– Michael Korda

5. Weekend workout

Warm up
Brisk walk followed by a full body stretch

A1. Push ups x 6 – 12
A2. Walking lunges x 20
A3. Burpees x 8

Walk or jog for 3 minutes as active recovery

B1. Chin up – body pull or row of some kind x 5 – 12
B2. Body weight squat x 15
B3. Burpees x 8

Walk or jog for 3 minutes as active recovery

Repeat this 2 – 3 x depending on how your fitness levels

Work at your pace
1 x 200m sprint
Rest as needed
1 x 100m sprint
Rest as needed
1 x 50m sprint

Finish with a stretch to cool down.

Here is a little break down of this weeks tips

1. Simple guidelines for a healthy meal plan

2. Decide how healthy you want to be

3. Mix your training sessions up for better results

4. Accept responsibility

5. This is weekends workout is a cracker, work at your pace

Have a great weekend

Yours in health and performance

Josh and the team at Edge Performance

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