5 Hot health tips

1. Recipe of the week

Pan fried salmon with braised vegetables
1 piece of salmon
1 Bok choy
1/2 a Spanish onion
6 heirloom tomatoes I serve
1 tablespoon of Tamari sauce
1 – 2 garlic gloves
1 lime
Himalayan rock salt  
Olive oil
> Marinate the Salmon in 1 table spoon of Tamari sauce, garlic and lime. Add a little salt and pepper if you like.
> Preheat the non stick pan and add 1 teaspoon of olive oil.
> Cook your fish first by adding it to a preheated pan, skin side down first. Allow the fish to cook until the skin is crispy. A little tip a chef told me (thank you Johnny Hopwood) is to add extra rock salt to the skin before placing it on the pan as this will stop the skin from curling up.
> As the fish is cooking and in a separate pan braise your chopped up vegetables in a little or coconut oil until lightly golden, keep them a little crispy. You only need about a teaspoon of either olive or coconut oil.
Add the vegetables to the plate and place the fish on top.
Squeeze extra lime over the top for flavour and enjoy.

2. The law of attraction

Think and grow rich, by Napolian Hill is one of the most successful self help books ever written.
Whether you believe in “the law of attraction” or not I think utilising the principle of positive thinking and surrounding yourself with likeminded people is important for self development.
Want to become a fitter, stronger, healthier human? Keep training with Edge Performance, haha and keep surrounding yourself with people who are trying to achieve the same goals.
Want to take your career in another direction or to the next level then focus on meeting people in that industry or attaining the skills necessary to get you to that level.
We all know it takes more than just positive thinking in life, but if you keep focused on your goals and vision, stay inspired and aim to give your best day in and day out you will be successful.

3. Health tip

I have been receiving emails about a Ketogenic supplement that is apparently taking the health and fitness world by storm. This product helps you use fat for fuel as opposed to carbs and will literally turn you into a fat burning machine!!!!
Your body goes into a state of Ketoses when you limit and decrease your starchy carbohydrate intake. Your body will then start using fat as fuel in the form of Ketones.
Trainers are making $200 per month per member by selling this product on a pyramid or pipeline system as far as I know. So I would imagine you could possibly refer a customer and then get a discount or something like that, oh sorry I forgot about the product!! ha ha ha.
Please before you go off and try anything like this give exercise and healthy eating choices a try. Limiting your starchy carbs is perfect for weight loss but like I have said in the past, meal timing is important.
Eat vegetables every single day and on the days you are exercising add in a portion size of starchy carbs. If you are after muscle gain or performance based goals then you need carbs more frequently. They just need to be the right type of carbs. Log on and check out your personal profile in our Edge Performance website.
You may have to eliminate certain foods, make a few changes to your current lifestyle but you know what?? That is 100% legit, no bullshit, no supplement selling and no marketing hype.
I know it does not sound as cool as Ketoses but it will pay off in the long run.

4. What I’m reading

Buddhism for busy people by David Michie
Great book and truly gives you a simple, easy read about the core teachings of Tibetan Buddhism.
David thought he had it all but after discovering Buddhism his life took a different path. David goes on to explain how he found heart felt serenity by connecting with his inner nature.
Great work David!! 😀

5. Weekend workout

Warm up
Brisk walk for 10minutes
Childs pose – 10sec
Cobra – 10 sec
Pigeon stretch – 10sec each side – google if you are not sure.
A1. Goblet Squats – use a weight if you can x 15
A2. Push ups x 10
A3. Walking lunges x 12
Rest 1min
Repeat x 3
B1. Hip lifts x 15
B2. Side plank x 20sec each side
B3. Mountain climbers x 20
Rest 1min
Repeat x 3
Brisk walk for 10minutes to finish with.

Breakdown of this weeks tips;

1. Pan fried salmon is the bomb, try it!
2. Think positive and choose a path that will lead you on the right direction towards your goals
3. Healthy eating and hard, smart training sessions will keep you on track
4. I’m not a Buddhist but I am enjoying learning about it 😀
5. Great workout to finish the week off and burn some of that excess energy.

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