3 Exercises You Should Do Everyday

Outside of your daily training or work routines it’s as important to fit in these three fundamental exercises to allow you to get the most out of your day and longevity of life.

No matter what age, size or fitness level you are. These exercises are made to be easy and do not exclude anyone.

1. Stretch

Nerve Flossing (Hamstring)

1. Lie with your back on the floor

2. Bring one knee into the chest and keep the other leg bent with foot flat on the floor.

3. With the leg that is bent into the chest clasp your hands behind your leg on the back of the thigh muscle.

4. Straighten your bent knee until you feel a stretch, then lower your low leg back to parallel. Repeat as necessary or complete 5-10 repetitions each

This is an amazing stretch but a general stretching based routine will provide you with amazing benefits if you do it daily.

2. Core

Front or Side plank

The Front and side plank exercises should be a staple for all of us but at Edge Performance we like to teach people to ‘’work the plank, don’t let the plank work you’’. What this means is that you need to force your muscles to engage and work as opposed to hanging around waiting to get tired.

Check out the picture below for the ultimate plank technique. The regressing or easier version of this movement is holding your body in the same position but placing your knees on the ground.

We have included pictures of both movements to help you with correcting your technique.

Front plank

  • When completing the front plank focus on breathing int through your nose and out through your mouth. Rather than just counting for a period of time focus on holding for
    5 breaths
    10 breaths
    15 breaths
    And keep progressing as you get stronger.
  • The easier position is to hold the same position but place your knees directly onto the ground.

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Side plank

  • Just like the front plank focus on breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth with a controlled rhythm.
  • Brace your shoulders, torso and hips to keep your body in a straight stable line
  • The easier version of this movement is to just bend your knees at 90-degree angle.
  • Start with 5 breaths and progress as you get stronger.

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3. Prehab

External Rotations

1. Using a resistance band or cable machine, align the height to your elbow.

2. Standing side on to the anchored point nominate one arm to start.

3. Find the correct posture of chest up, shoulders rolled back and down.

4. Your arm should be bent to 90 degrees with your elbow tucked to your side.

5. Externally rotate your arm away from the body maintaining your elbow by your side

6. Find your full range of motion pause and control back to start position in step 3 & 4.

7. Complete 1-2 sets of 12 each

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