At some point you have two choices: You can continue doing what your doing, and hope that you get results.

Or you can commit to making a few simple changes to get the results you want.

What if you had a coach to help you create a plan of action and guide you through all the challenges?

There’s a good chance this isn’t your first time trying to make a change and get on track with your health, fitness and nutrition goals.

If you are serious about making the changes needed to get results, without having to figure it out on your own, we would like to help you create a plan for success.

All you need to do is register to claim your Free Kick Start session with one of the coaches at Edge Performance.

During your Kick Start session, we will discuss your goals and lay out a plan to help you reach those goals, while avoiding the common obstacles that hold most people back. And if at the end of the session, you would like our help, we will find the right program for you.



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What is Edge Performance?

Personal Fitness Health Profile

Your Own Personal Health Profile

Your goals are like your finger prints, one of a kind.

Logging into your personal profile will display your body composition and general health results.

So weather you are losing body fat, increasing muscle mass or improving your performance in the gym, it is all listed in detail in your own private profile.

This is your personal profile that only you and your coach have access to.

Every training session you do with your EP coach will be documented and saved in your profile. So you can view and have access to all your workouts when ever you want.

Fitter, stronger and faster than you have ever been before

At the end of each training block you will be assessed and taken through a movement, strength and energy system test.

These tests are just like a Martial Arts belt grading system, so you start out with a white belt and progress your way towards a black belt in movement, strength and fitness.



Fitness Strength and Energy Test
Healthy Eating Plan

Realistic, results based eating plan

The Edge Performance healthy eating plan is packed full of simple, healthy and realistic advice. As an EP member you will have access to shopping lists, recipes, healthy cooking video guides and much more. We take the guesswork out healthy eating and put you on track for life.

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